That One Weird Trick


A collection of terms that are common in discussing business growth.

This page is derived from a Google Doc which supports community input.


  • CRM: customer relations management [software]
  • SEO: search engine optimization
  • Deliverability: with outbound channels (email, SMS), the ability to deliver messages to recipients’ inboxes


  • LTV: Life-time value of a customer
  • B2C: business-to-consumer selling
  • B2B: business-to-business selling
  • ARPU: average revenue per user (B2C)
  • ACV: average contract value (B2B)
  • MRR: monthly recurring revenue
  • ARR: annually recurring revenue
  • CAC: [average] cost to acquire a customer
  • CPC: cost per click
  • CPM: cost per “mil” (thousand) impressions
  • Impressions: a unit of a human encountering an advertisement or, more generically, an experience

Job Titles

  • CMO: chief marketing officer
  • PM: product manager
  • DS: data scientist

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